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Modex is certified and followed-up by DNV after NS-EN 9001:2015 and NS-EN 14001:2015. Modex is also a registered supplier at Achilles JQS.

Modex run internal audits of all departments, in accordance with requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, in addition to Management Reviews to ensure that the system is constantly developing.

Modex personnel is operating according to our QHSE-management system, which gives personnel access to procedures, instructions, objectives, goals and personnel-handbook.

QHSE Policy

Modex’s commitment is to provide safe, high quality and reliable equipment that meets or exceeds customers’ expectations and legal requirements.

Safety is our top priority and we must provide a safe workplace for all our employees. We think environmentally and follow legislations in all our operations.

In order to live up to our commitments and fulfill our responsibilities to our customers, employees, partners, suppliers and owners we aim to:


  • Treat all Modex employees’ health and safety as a top priority
  • Exercise a health & safety mindset in all management
  • Encourage a company culture where all employees will be respected and valued
  • Promote training and competence for staff as a key management responsibility
  • As employees, show loyalty and respect to the company, work colleagues, customers, and suppliers


  • Identify and understand customer’s requirements. Continuously measure customer perception of Modex in order to implement improvements and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Provide products and services of high quality and on time
  • Create an environment for all Modex employees that promotes working with improvements towards customers and suppliers
  • Promote training and employee development for all Modex employees to strengthen skills and motivation, and create value to the organization and customers
  • Understand the social responsibilities and business ethics in our business
  • Drive continuous improvements within QHSE for all our products and services


  • Conduct Modex business with respect and consideration for the environment
  • Strive to minimize environmental impact and pollution in our business
  • Be familiar with the regulatory and legal requirements from public authorities
  • Provide training for all employees so that decision making is done with an environmental mindset
  • Record and process all incidents and deviations for further analysis

John Heiton – Chief Executive Officer