Modex Energy forms partnership with Supercharge to target green markets

Modex Energy has formed a partnership with Supercharge to target green markets together with the joint development of charging containers.

In collaboration with Supercharge, provider of innovative charging solutions for professional markets, Modex Energy has developed a 10-foot ISO container, called Charge Hub, which is fully equipped for the fast charging of excavators, stackers, haulage trucks and other construction site machinery. The Charge Hub system is safe, secure and offers operational reliability under demanding conditions.

The Charge Hub was developed in response to the Norwegian government’s aim to have fossil fuel free construction sites in the transport sector as a part of their Sustainable Development Goals. These fossil fuel restrictions will also apply to the construction industry in large cities from 2025.

The creation of the Charge Hub offers a sustainable system with better environmental conditions due to reduced noise and greenhouse gas emissions; the provision of this fast charger to the construction sector is a step towards fossil fuel free construction sites.

Kjetil Skaaren, Business Development Director at Modex Energy, said, “The collaboration with Supercharge has been successful so far and we have already delivered 11 Charge Hub units; we’re excited to see future Charge Hub units delivered.”

The new Charge Hub fast charging container is now available from Modex on a sale or rental basis; for further information, contact: Kjetil Skaaren, Business Development Director at Modex Energy on +47 948 88 414 or Arild Hansen, CEO at Supercharge on +47 911 777 00.

Modex Energy is part of the OEG Offshore group of companies.

Image: Kjetil Skaaren, Business Development Director, Modex confirms the new partnership with Arild Hansen, CEO of Supercharge along with members of Modex, Holta & Håland, and Supercharge.