Charge Hub Containers

In collaboration with Supercharge, Modex Energy has developed a 10-foot container, called Charge Hub, equipped with all you need for the fast charging of excavators, stackers, haulage trucks and other construction site machinery. We focus on safe and secure systems, combined with reliability under demanding conditions.

A sustainable system that offers better environmental conditions due to less noise and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

  • The container is mechanically protected and ideal for construction sites and terminals used by heavy vehicles.
  • Charging cables are equipped with mechanical insertion and withdrawal for easy handling and the prevention of damage due to collisions or snow clearance, etc.
  • We offer a payment system by which the lessee has the opportunity to sell electricity from the charger to other users, if desired.
  • 24/7 technical support

Charging containers for lease and sale

Key features

  • 0-360kW installed total charging output
  • 1-2 CCS2 charging plugs
  • Dynamic load balancing; 0-360kW charging output per plug
  • 200-500Amp charging cable (CCS2)
  • 200-1000V DC
  • Two type 2 outlets for 22kW AC charging
  • One socket 400V3+N+J for maintenance current